Annual Meeting

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9th Annual UCF Workshop and Meeting 2023

Date: December 5 – 7, 2023

Hybrid Event (In person and virtual)

Location: Arm Headquarters
Building 1, 5707 Southwest Pkwy #100, Austin, TX

Call for Participation

We are delighted to invite researchers, network technology implementers, and users to submit talks and papers and participate in the Annual Unified Communication Framework (UCF) Workshop and Consortium Meeting 2023. The aim of this gathering is to facilitate the exchange of innovative ideas, state-of-the-art developments, and user experiences, while providing an event to have a dialogue within our growing community. Registration information will become available in September. More information can be found here.

Annual UCF Workshop and Consortium Meeting

Held annually, the UCF Workshop and Consortium Meeting is aimed at researchers, network technology implementers, and users who are interested in sharing their ideas with a wider community about their state-of-the-art developments, user experiences and research topics. The workshop provides insights and discussions on a range of topics of interests around the consortium’s growing projects, such as:

  • Unified Communication X (UCX), UCX-Py, UCX-Jave, UCX-Go
  • Unified Communication Collectives (UCC)
  • OpenSNAPI
  • RDMA user-space and kernel subsystem
  • Data Processing Units (DPUs) / SmartNIC APIs
  • Programming Models on top of UCF stack
  • Open MPI, MPICH, OpenSHMEM, Julia, UPC, OpenMP remote offload
  • Machine Learning and data sciences frameworks implemented on top of UCX
  • Spark, BlazingSQL, Dask/RAPIDS, etc
  • Network offloading of scientific libraries, FFTs, etc
  • Edge Computing and Scientific Instruments leveraging UCF technologies etc.
  • Cloud-native Supercomputing networking technologies
  • UCF the latest developments, usage and futures of its software stack.
  • Application experiences with network offload

All of our presentations and talks are made publicly available and can be found in the previous meeting webpages. We look forward to seeing you in the future.