Unified Collective Communication (UCC)

UCC is an open-source project to provide an API and library implementation of collective (group) communication operations for applications in various domains including High-Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Center, and I/O. The goal of UCC is to provide highly performant and scalable collective operations leveraging scalable and topology-aware algorithms, software implementation techniques and In-Network Computing hardware acceleration engines. It collaborates with UCX and utilizes UCX’s highly performant point-to-point communication operations and library utilities. The ideas, design, and implementation of UCC are drawn from the experience of multiple collective projects including Mellanox’s HCOLL and SHARP, Huawei’s UCG, open-source Cheetah, and IBM’s PAMI Collectives.

UCC is a project of the UCF consortium.

Join the UCC Mailing List
Collaborate with us and discuss API, implementation and usage issues: ucx-group@elist.ornl.gov

Community Meetings
The UCC working group meetings are open to everyone (UCF Members and collaborators). The working group meets on Wednesdays alternating between 11 AM PT and Noon PT. The connection info, agenda, and meeting notes are maintained on the community wiki page.

Working Group Chairs

  • Co-Chairman: Manjunath Gorentla Venkata – NVIDIA
  • Vice Chairman: Alex Margolin – Huawei