ITEM 1: Voluntary Consensus Standard



Introduction and Purpose

This UCF Membership Voluntary Consensus Standard Policy (“Policy”) confirms the intention of the UCF consortium (“UCF”) to operate as a voluntary, consensus standard.

UCF’s Affirmation of Intention to Conduct Activities within the scope of Voluntary Consensus Standard
UCF hereby affirms its intention to operate and develop a voluntary consensus standard related to its development of standards adopted by voluntary consensus. UCF intends that its standards include provisions requiring that its Members, owners of the relevant intellectual property, have agreed to make that intellectual property available on a non-discriminatory, royalty-free or reasonable royalty basis to all interested parties. It is UCF, the officers, directors and members’ intention and practice to conduct all UCF activities within the scope of operation as a voluntary consensus standard. UCF has adopted its Bylaws, IPR Policy, Working Group Procedures, and this Policy (“UCF Governing Documents”) with the following attributes consistent with the values of a voluntary consensus standard:

(i) Openness.
(ii) Balance of interest.
(iii) Due process.
(iv) An appeals process.
(v) Consensus.

In the event of any inconsistencies of interpretation of UCF’s Governing Documents inconsistent with the foregoing attributes then it is UCF’s intention that such documents be read and interpreted consistent with the foregoing attributes of voluntary consensus standards.

ITEM 2: Export Compliant Contribution Submissions



It is UCF consortium’s (“UCF’s”) intention to require its Members to comply with all applicable laws including U.S. and foreign export laws related to their contributions to UCF sponsored specifications and/or projects as defined in the Intellectual Property Rights Policy. By making any contributions the contributor represents that they have reviewed their submission for compliance with applicable U.S. and foreign export laws including but not limited to EAR and ITAR (collectively “Export Laws”) to determine whether a license is required for export. It is each member’s responsibility to comply with Export Laws when they submit contributions to UCF. Each member understands that UCF’s inclusion of contributions may be deemed an export of technology inherent in such contribution and therefore subject to Export Laws.