Time Monday, 10 December, 2018 Tuesday, 11 December, 2018 Wednesday, 12 December, 2018
Topic of the day UCX – State Of the Union UCX – API Discussions RDMA CORE
8:30 AM Reception, Arm Lobby Reception, Arm Lobby Reception, Arm Lobby
9:00 AM Keynote: LANL, Steve Poole Keynote: Astra/Sandia UCX and MPI experience Keynote: RDMA Core Overview, Jason
10:00 AM Topic: UCX Roadmap 2019 and UCX 2.0.
Abstract: Things we would like to change/optimize/cleanup in next UCP API, and backward compatibility considerations
Speaker: Pasha/ARM and Yossi/Mellanox, 1hr.
Topic: UCT component architecture.
Abstract: Split UCT to modules, and load them dynamically, so missing dependencies would disable only the relevant transports.
Speaker: Yossi/Mellanox, 1hr.
11:00 AM Topic: Open MPI integration with UCX Updates.
Speaker: Mellanox, 1hr.
Topic: UCP Active message API.
Abstract: Discuss active messages implementation on UCP level.
Speaker: Yossi/Mellanox, 1hr.
12:00 PM ** Working Lunch **
Topic: Regression and testing for multiple uarch (x86/Power/ARM) and interconnects ( Roce, iwarp, tcp, etc.)
Speaker: All.
** Working Lunch **
Topic: 1.Multi-uarch support for various architectures,
2. Internal memcpy (DPDK style)
Speaker: All.
** Working Lunch **
1:00 PM Topic: UCX specification and manages update
Speaker: Brad/AMD, 1hr.
Topic: Async progress for protocols,
2. Internal memcpy (DPDK style)
Abstract: Progress various protocols, such as rendezvous, stream, disconnect, RMA/AMO emulation using progress thread (1hr)
Speaker: All.
2:00 PM Topic: OpenMPI BTL over UCT
Abstract: UCT API freeze
Speaker: Nathan/LANL, 1hr
Topic: Support for shmem signaled put.
Abstract: How to support new OpenSHMEM primitive – put with signal
Speaker: Yossi/Mellanox, 1hr.
Topic: Thread safety, fine-grained locking.
Abstract: Discuss what is needed in UCP and UCT to support better concurrency than a big global lock
Speaker: Yossi/Mellanox, 1hr.
3:00 PM Topic: MPICH with UCX – State of the union
Speaker: Ken/ANL, 1hr
Topic: OpenSHMEM context to UCX worker mapping.
Speaker: Manju/Mellanox.
Topic: Xpmem support for tag matching.
Abstract: Use 1-copy for expected eager messages using UCT tag-offload API
Speaker: Yossi/Mellanox, 1hr.
4:00 PM Topic: OSSS SHMEM with UCX update
Speaker: Tony/SBU, 1hr
Topic: UCX GPU Support.
Abstract 1. State of the Union by AMD and Nvidia
2. Datatypes for GPU devices.
Speaker: Akshay/Nvidia, Khaled/AMD, Brad/AMD.
Topic: Stream API and close protocol.
Abstract: Using stream API as replacement for TCP and considerations of closing/flushing a connection
Speaker: Yossi/Mellanox, 1hr.
5:00 PM Topic: UCX Upstream rdma-core support status.
Abstract Using UCX with Inbox drivers and latest rdma-core.
Speaker: Yossi/Mellanox, 1hr.
Topic: UCX Collectives.
Abstract Khaled/AMD, 1hr
Topic: UCX + Python bindings.
Speaker: Akshay/Nvidia, 1hr.
Topic: High availability, failover.
Abstract How to implement fabric error recovery by using multiple devices/ports.
Speaker: Yossi/Mellanox, 1hr.
6:00 PM Open Discussion Open Discussion Open Discussion